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Scraper Type Introduction

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Flat scraper: Is the most widely used scraper design, as shown in the figure, some factories are accustomed to the end of the knife grinding hiragana.

Sanchita: is one of the commonly used tools for scraping bush, the section is equilateral, for the convenience of sharpening, in the middle of each face open arc groove, in order to reduce the grinding area. Triangular vice knife has ready-made products, but can also be used to transform the triangular file, with a good effect.

Crescent-shaped scraper: is the scraping bush used tools, it often and Sanchita together to use, because the Sanchita in the scraping process is not easy to change the direction of the knife flower, especially the deep scraping of the bush, each time the direction of the blade is basically consistent, in the scraping surface is very easy to form vibration marks.

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