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Notice Of Toilet Brush Use

- Oct 25, 2017 -

1. Each use of the toilet brush, should be timely flush with clean water, do not let the toilet brush residue on the dirt, can be washed after the toilet dirt, and then toilet brush put in the toilet, let the water flush toilet brush;

2. Rinse clean toilet brush, spraying a certain amount of 84 disinfectant, sterilization, prevent stubborn bacteria in the toilet brush breeding;

3. Transfer the damp toilet brush to the sun to dry and then transfer to the ventilated dry place, so that the toilet brush to keep dry, because the dark and humid corners, the environment is the most susceptible to bacteria;

4. Regular replacement: Toilet brush used for a long time will shed hair brush, affect the effect of cleaning toilets, but also filth, so every 3-5 months to replace a new toilet brush.

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