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How To Handle The Brush Hair?

- Oct 25, 2017 -

First of all, when we use the new brush, do not get a hand in the use, but should be the first to soak the brush with warm water, so the words hidden in the hair under the brush hair or is sticky on the brush on the flimsy easy to drop a small touch, will fall down, In that case, we lose less when we use it.

In the course of our future use, also can often put the brush in the warm water inside the cleaning, so that the brush's hair is not easy to fork, if you brush with the grease of things, then we clean in the time to remember to use some cleaning agent.

In fact, in general, the brush with water-based things are the easiest to brush the hair to damage, and we use the brush when it is best not to operate in very high temperature water, otherwise it will seriously affect the life of the brush, because our daily use of brushes are mostly wool brush or bristle brush, no matter what kind of, we'd better not let them use at high temperatures.

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