Soft Bristle Broom

​Item Name:AK 1707 High Power Handhold Whisk Broom Hotel Household Plastic Handle Sofa Bed Sheets Bedspread Dry Cleaning Brush by

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AK 1707 High Power Handhold Whisk Broom Bedroom Brush Sofa Brush Dust Cleaning Brush by

• Suitable to clean Home Dust, car Seat, carpet, bed, ect .

• Soft brush, rectangle base, plastic handle, effective cleaning tool, is convenient to use.

• Counter duster soft bristle small particles cleaning brush

• Soft bristle does not damage the surface of clothing. The handle is durable and antiskid, does not hurt your hand

• Large size bristle makes you clean your bed sheet more easily

• Suitable for sweeping away bed sheet, clothes, sofa, blanket, cabinet, desk dust and so on

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