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What are the tips for washing the bowl of the bowl ?

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Before brushing the pan, we might as well put the detergent in it first, then brush it again, and it's more clean and easy to brush.

Is it often rusty when the iron pot is scrubbed? If you wash the iron pan and put a layer of plants on it, there will be no rusting. At least, it will also reduce the problem of how to spend money reasonably.

Cooking pot used for a long time, and is not above a thick layer of grease?? What is it to do with the unsightly and the health. We may wish to put fresh pear peel boiled in the pot, the oil will soon clear off.

The casserole has been used for a long time, and there is a thick layer of dirt on it. How do you do it? We can put some rice in a casserole, soak a little time after the heat, and then gently brush the dirt will remove, and then washed with water.

If the outside of the boiler is hard to remove, it is easy to remove dirt. We can put the pot in the heated washing water and then wash it with a hard cleaning cloth. It will easily wipe out the dirty things.

If you have some of the above problems in your home cooking pot, you can try with these tips above, and you will find that your home pot is clean and bright.

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