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Main points of household waste bins

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Home Trash Can buy the main point, kitchen trash can preferably with cover

There are two kinds of trash cans with cover and no cover in the market, and the kitchen is more garbage with water. Easy to emit odor, preferably with cover, put in the trash before the water must be drained, at any time sealed, without the cover of the garbage can be placed some dry, odorless garbage, suitable for the bedroom or living room, dry garbage in the waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, Waste water silver thermometer, expired drugs and other harmful waste, also need to be divided and sealed.

Home Trash can choose the main point of the second, the best choice of stainless steel or bamboo material trash cans

Stainless steel or bamboo material trash can easily clean, and the material is not contaminated, there are many unscrupulous businesses in the production of plastic waste bins in the process of adding unknown substances, may have a radioactive impact on health, there is a health hazard.

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