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Is the toilet so dirty?

- Jan 03, 2018 -

The outlet edge of the toilet and the outside of the base should be cleaned.


In addition to the pipe outlet near the outlet edge of the toilet and the outside of the base is the place to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices take the toilet seat, wash off, and use the toilet spray agent, after a few minutes, and then thoroughly scrub the toilet brush again, the best use of fine brush head, it is better to clean the edge of the toilet and GUANDAOKOU deep. Then brush the base and other crevice.

The toilet brush should be kept clean and dry


Toilet brushes are the officers to keep the toilet clean. However, if they do not pay attention to clean and dry, it will also become a source of pollution. Every time you brush dirt, it will be stained with dirt on your brush. You should wash the water again and then rinse it, drain the water, spray the disinfectant, or regularly use the disinfectant to soak it and put it in the right place.

It is best to put the toilet brush up. Don't put it in the corner, and don't put it in an impermeable container.

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