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How to soften the plastic brushes

- Oct 25, 2017 -

1. Put in the sun can often bask in the place, let it in a week or two weeks of exposure time, so that after your brush will be much softer to use.

2. Every time when washing with boiling water bubble is a way, but a touch of cold water it is hard, so improper!!! If you need to use a brush when you do the laundry, put warm water in the basin, the clothes need to brush the clothes in the basin, that is, with warm boiled water to wash clothes, so you start to wash clothes to wash the clothes, your brush will be soft, and the clothes wash in warm waters is also easy to clean some, and, Winter words are also a kind of protection for your hands.

3. Put in the white vinegar bubble for a few days will be softer, but not very soft.

4. Buy a new soft brush to wash the clothes, and your hard brush now is reserved for brush shoes or other uses.

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