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Common Broom Products

- Oct 25, 2017 -

1. Sorghum Broom: One day, an old farmer in Kazakhstan needs a new broom, he cut some sorghum stalks, with a rope tied, both durable and easy to use, so we rushed to imitate, began to use sorghum broom, so that the United States appeared in the manufacturing of sorghum broom, until now, the broom is still in application.

2. Bamboo Broom: Rural Sun Valley sweeping, can not be separated from the bamboo broom, but the bamboo ya on the blade generally need to be removed manually, a lot of labor.

3. Broom Grass Material broom: The broom grass is ovoid, but 1.5 meters high, the foliage is fine, the color is tender, is a kind of beautiful green material, in the northern part of China, often the old strains of its cut, pressed flat dry broom used.

4. Plastic brooms, Gu Mingsi, are made from plastic materials.

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