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Brief introduction and classification of pot brush

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Pan brush, generally refers to the use of hair brown plastic silk, such as silk to remove dirt or smear ointment and other appliances are generally long or oval with a handle.

Pot brush, usually used to cook food or water cleaning appliances: rice cooker, pots and pans, casseroles, Hot pot and boiler, pot for cooking food in general there will be a lot of oil sticking on the pan, there will be some food remnants, people generally in the pot into the detergent and other cleaning agents, cleaning and pot brush into a pot.

Use in daily life are: kitchen brush brush, bath brush, shoe brush, toothbrush, brush pot, washing brush, clothes brush, bath brush, bottle brush, cleaning brush, glass tube brush, pet brush, massage brush, grill brush, bath brush, stainless steel sanitary toilet brush, sponge brush, window brush, shoe brush, brush, roller brush, wall brush, paint brush, car brush, snow brush etc.

The classification of pot brush: pressure night washing pot brush, anti scraping pan brush, fiber non - dip oil pan brush, steel wire ball brush, anti skidding pan brush, Takenabe. It is worth mentioning that the bamboo brush is not common in the city, but it is quite common in the countryside. At the moment, we advocate low carbon and environmental protection, and bamboo brushes are also on the stage of the city.


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